• Solid blocks are a very versatile material that every day is more used thanks to its high performance in buildings and properties.
  • There are many ranges of colors, variety of shapes and surface textures for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Solid blocks provide high performance constructive because usually they are larger and have fewer joints, which is the most vulnerable part.
  • Building with Solid blocks has many advantages such as speed and accuracy in the blocks.
  • The measures of concrete blocks are uniform and this allows modular systems and a precise accuracy of the material needed.


Solid Blocks foundations are built using concrete blocks that are typically 8 inches by 16 inches. Although they do come in various sizes, this is the size that is most commonly used for foundations.

The blocks are placed just like bricks, in a pattern that overlaps to help interlock them together. This ensures that the foundation is strong and stable. Since the blocks are re-bar is placed inside to connect the blocks to the footing for added stability.

Advantages of Solid Blocks

  • The blocks are strong and well insulated. When the re-bar is used, it adds strength to the structure and the filled blocks insulate the building well.
  • They are well suited to construction in seismic areas. They are a versatile building material.
  • Modern and imported machines are used to produce Blue Metals to ensure the required grading zone.
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